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Lead Generation Ads

Lead Generation ads are ads that require getting leads. This could be ads for a law office, dentist, car dealership, marketing agency, insurance firm, etc.

They are lead-generation ads because we will be collecting the lead's information in order to reach out to them about the services offered.

NOTE: If you are placing an order for Lead Generation you will need to add the CRM access for an additional monthly cost of $250. If you do not select that option the order will be treated as a digital ads order with no CRM access or follow-up sequences Etc.

E-commerce ads

E-commerce ads are ads that lead to a page to buy a product. If they do not have a buy it now an option on their website, then it will not be an e-commerce ads order.


We will not run campaigns for any regulated products such as Nicotine, CBD, Sex toys, Pharmaceuticals, or any product with some form of regulation.

Additional Ad Spend

We can add additional ad spend on top of each package for an additional 15% management fee, but if that spend hits the ad spend of the next package you will need to purchase that next package. With increasing ad spending comes increased attention, editing, testing, etc. to the campaign.

Case Studies

Our case studies showcase the power of digital ads in action. We'll walk you through our process, from developing the right targeting strategies to crafting compelling ad copy and visuals. And most importantly, we'll show you the results we achieved for our clients - increased website traffic, more leads, higher conversion rates, and more.