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Instagram Personality/Musician: Generally, clients will be completely verified within 6 months.

Twitter: The general TAT for this service is 1-2 months but can be completed as soon as 3-5 days.

Youtube: The TAT for this service is generally 1-2 months but occasionally can be completed as soon as 1-2 weeks.

Generally, clients will be completely verified within 60-90 days. If they are denied during the first submission, we would need an additional 4 weeks to add more press and re-submit them 30 days later (in most cases you can only request verification once every 30 days).

An example of Facebook and Instagram verification timeline is as follows:

Days 1-3: You/your client fill out the onboarding questions and provide the client's details.

Days 3-7: Our team reviews the information and builds a strategy.

Days 7-21: We draft a number of articles and send them to you for review/feedback.

Days 21-24: Articles are revised as needed, or new articles are written.

Days 24-31: We publish the bulk of the articles, especially the higher-tier articles.

Days 31-41: We build and edit the profile to have the best shot of acceptance.

Day 42: We submit the client page for Facebook verification (usually approved in 24-48 hours)

Days 42-50: We publish any remaining articles or filler (lower tier) articles.

Day 50: We submit the client to our internal Instagram team for verification (usually approved in 24-48 hours)

*if not approved, we will repeat the above as needed

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Disclaimer: With all Verification services, we are at the mercy of the platform and their requirements which can change at anytime. Verification pricing and processes will fluctuate over time. Once a Verification deposit is made, we will reach out to confirm that we are able to verify that account under the package rate and process ordered before collecting the full amount due.